Our Constitution


WHEREAS, at the turn of this century as the Muslims of India stood economically impoverished, politically isolated, disorganized, and demoralised a well meaning group of Muslim leaders assembled in Dacca on 30th December. 1906 and decided “that a political Association be formed styled All India Muslim League”;
WHEREAS, the Muslim League adopted its definite ideology and creed in 1912 and defined its aims and objectives as under:-
Full responsible government of India with adequate and effective safeguards for Muslims.
To protect and advance the political, religious and other rights and interests of Muslim India.
To promote friendship and Union between the Muslims and other communities of India.
To maintain and strengthen brotherly relations between the Muslims of India and those of other countries”.
WHEREAS, in 1936 when the federal scheme of government enshrined in the Government of India Act of 1935 threatened the vital interests of Indian Muslims, the Muslim League under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was transformed into an effective political vehicle for Aspirations of Muslim India.
WHEREAS, the historic resolution of 1940 and the emergence of an independent state, 7 years later is a testimony to the resolve and resilience of the Party as well as the caliber and dedication of its leadership;
WHEREAS, after partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, the Council of All India Muslim League in its last meeting held in Karachi December 14-15, 1947 resolved:
“The Council now calls upon Muslims of Pakistan and all other loyal citizens of the state to work for an ideal, democratic state based on social justice as an upholder of human freedom and world peace in which all its citizens will enjoy equal rights and be free from fear want and ignorance”. WHEREAS, it further resolved:
(1) That in place of the All-India Muslim League there shall be separate Muslim League organizations for Pakistan and the Indian Union.
(2) That all members of the Council of the All-India Muslim League for the time being who have become ordinarily residents of the territories comprised by Pakistan, or have settled therein, and all Muslim members of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly who are primary members of the Muslim League do hereby constitute the Council of Pakistan Muslim League ”
WHEREAS, gradual political decline of Pakistan Muslim League unleashed undemocratic forces in the country resulting in repeated imposition of Martial Law, political moral and economic stagnation and ultimately disintegration of the country;
WHEREAS, upon lifting of restriction on political association in 1985, men and women dedicated to the ideals for which Pakistan was achieved undertook to rekindle the ideas and ideals of Quaid-e-Azam and his worthy colleagues and re-established the Pakistan Muslim League;
WHEREAS, rapid popularity of Pakistan Muslim League in successive elections and resurgence of popular support for its ideals has now made it the largest political party of the country;
NOW THEREFORE, we the inheritors of the traditions of Muslim League and its political ideals, through the Council of Pakistan Muslim League, recommit ourselves through this Constitution which is reflective of our desire to realize the dreams of our forefathers and make Pakistan an ideal Islamic democratic state based on social justice, as an upholder of human freedom and world peace, in which all citizens will enjoy equal rights and be free from want, ignorance and fear.